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new breeders

This weekend we have got our youngsters from Arjan Beens, 2 youngster from Snelle Jelle this cock won 2e National Perpignan in 2012 and is a full brother of Miss Gysje the Olympic Marathon of 2012, Red Meisje 1e and 4e National and Marianne from the last hen we got now two aswell, Marianne won 3 times in the first 20 National on her young age allready. All the the  race pigeons of Arjan Beens will be sold next year so will be hard to get them before they will go to the far east.

Also we bought a cock from Pepping auction! Pepping is one of Holland best ZLU performers, we have bought the best pigeons marathon 2009 of North Holland, he won a 1e, 3e and 19e NPO in 2009.