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basking St Vincent 2014

Tommorow we release to only National flight overal Holland St Vincent 1052km, we have put 8 pigeons in the race.

We have send a good experinced team of older pigeons.

1e Ixia a granddaughter of Superbreder Stet last year 5e NPO AGEN and 11e NPO Cahors.

2e Messi (grandson of Heintje, Kopy Toon) 2x NPO Winnar!!!! 2e Nat Bergerac and 12e Nat Cahors.

3e Villa (grandson of Brive) 9e Nat Bergerac.

4e James Bond (son of Sjarapova and superbreder Stet) 4x basking 4 times price and last year 52e Nat St Vincent.

5e Airbag a full brother of Messi.


Everybody succes and speak you next week.


Kind regards, Peter.