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Last saterday was the first flight of the season and was a reall dispointing flight for us we started with a complete new team of 2 year old pigeons.

The results we can quickly forget, the only positive thing was that our friend Fred Stet won the 1e NPO flight in our section North Holland and 3e National.

He won the flight Agen 950km with a two year old cock called "Jack" the father of this cock is Kopy Toon a full brother of the world famous Toon and very good breder.

The Kopy Toon is father and grandfather of 3 NPO winnars allready! the mother is called Sjaropva also a great hen and winnar of 1e NPO Bordeaux and mother of a first NPO and a second NPO.

This week we are gone basket 8 pigeons for St Vincent but there will be 5 really good pigeons from us this flight hopefully we can smile again next week :-)


Kind regards, Peter.