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New Breeder King II

07/02/14  Last week we have bought a great new breeder for our stockloft called the "King II".This great cock we bought from Rob Schouten Warmhuizen.

The King II won the first place from Marseille in the prov. Noord Holland and the 9e National on a distance of 1072km, a very hard race with headwind and 30 degrees that he is not a one day fly he proofs because he also won the 17e Nat St Vincent.

His Brother is also a greatwinner he won the second prov. Bordeaux ZLU 2009 on a distance of 960km also a very hard race and 35 degrees. He is also the championpigeon ZLU of Norh and South Holland.

The King II is a grandson of the Montauban from Rob Schouten the Montauban won a 1e and 3e Montauban North Holland and was his great breeder also the line of the Abor 707 is in his strains.

From 2014 of we gone start breeding with this superpigeons and let hope for lots of winners.