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Michel and Peter have had racing pigeons for years and are devoted to their hobby. They are genuine enthusiasts of the marathon races. Alongside the busy jobs in which both of them have managerial positions they also have their families to provide for. The pigeons are a great distraction that gives them immense pleasure.
Six years ago they decided to combine their assets and to do some joint breeding. Both men had previously invested heavily in long distance pigeons.
Peter had purchased youngsters from all of the top pigeons of Nico Volkens. Michel had, through a joint venture, already purchased the entire colony of Toon van Beek, who is a top fancier with a small accommodation and winner of the Fondspiegel competition.
Thereafter and still right now numerous top pigeons were collected for that rich stock loft.
The absolute flagship and grandfather of the loft is ‘De TOON’, a super racer and ditto stock bird.
The highly anticipated results did not take long to be recorded. Peter started recording super results in the ZLU races. Michel, primarily in partnership with Jan Castricum recorded top National results in particular from the afternoon liberations.
Jan has stopped since 2013, so Peter and Michel are now racing in partnership. The 2013 season was a super one.
Peter is very skilled breeder of pigeons.
Michel, with the help of his wife Sylvia, puts his energy mainly into the racing team.
In a loft that is less than nine metres long top results have been recorded for years.
The nest pigeons are raced by the natural system, the medical supervision is kept to a minimum.
Michel writes very open and honest articles in a pigeon paper ‘Het Spoor der Kampioenen’ in his regular columns named ‘Vrienden van de Verre’.
It is fine to see that so many fanciers are successful with the pigeons of Peter and Michel, the list of references is endless. Whether it is from the morning or the afternoon liberations, the pigeons of Verweij-de Haan are excelling everywhere. A fact that Michel and Peter relish.
Naturally they get by far the most enjoyment of seeing their own birds arrive home early!